Bonnie (April 1992 - 29th May 2011)

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My sisters sweet old cat passed away yesterday. She died being cuddled in the arms of her favourite human, my 14 year old nephew Tom.

Four years ago the vet told my sister that she had cancer and would most probably be dead within 8 weeks. They had the wondrous privilege of having 4 more years in which to spoil her and lavish her with love. Bonnie was a lovely old girl but had become rather frail over the last year. She was no longer able to climb the stairs to go curl up in bed with Tom, she had also stopped going outside in recent months.

From the moment that my sister brought Tom home from the hospital as a newborn, Bonnie has never been more than a few feet away from him. Trying to keep her out of the crib was like fighting a losing battle. She adored him just as much as he adored her.

Tom and his Dad buried Bonnie in her favourite place the garden, under the cherry tree.

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