Cat with ACL tear

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Woke up to find my 12 year old cat limping on her back leg today.  After a trip to the vet, exam and x-rays, it appears she has torn her ACL.  The vet is recommending several weeks of rest and some anti-inflammatories, but suggested that with smaller animals they do not usually do surgery.  This is apparently not an acute injury--likely happened awhile ago with no signs, (probably a degenerative thing due to her being overweight) and she now is showing signs of arthritic changes, which may be what is causing the limp.
With dogs, of course, I know the first response is generally surgery, so this is strange to me.  I know that surgery will not fix the arthritis, but am concerned it will get worse left alone, even if the ACL injury itself heals.  The vet seemed very comfortable not recommending surgery, but internet research seems to indicate surgery is the best option.  I plan to go back and ask some more questions.
In the meantime, has anyone every dealt with this in a cat?  Thanks,

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