Fleas. How long does it take to kill them?

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Henry has been pretty itchy, and while I didn't see any fleas on him, I was pretty sure he had them. I wanted to wait until after his bath to apply flea preventative. I asked the bather to use flea shampoo on him and she said he only had like 3 fleas. He is allergic, I think, and is prone to hotspots from just one bite. I put Fiproguard (generic Frontline) on him yesterday about 10:00 am and he is still pretty itchy.
He's not constantly scratching and chewing or anything, but I know he'd rather not itch at all. Considering it's been 4 hours shy of 24, can I assume the Fiproguard is ineffective, or does it take longer to work?
I also changed their food two weeks ago when a big bag of Nature's Recipe Farm Stand (?) was discontinued and went on sale for 50% off. I hope it's not the food, because I still have a TON of it left.

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