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Hey all - got the toegrips in the mail this weekend (see this thread for details:  I was pretty eager to try because Alfie developed some shoulder weakness a year ago (brachial neuritis, for those medical folks in the know) and tends to put limited weight on his right front leg.  That in combination with large areas of hardwoods in my house leads to quite a bit of slipping.
First, there's the measurement for the proper size of toegrips - they suggest marking a loop of dental floss around the nail to get the diameter.  Helpful hint from experience - it's difficult to mark waxed floss... :)  Anyway, after some effort it was pretty clear Alfie was a size small. Small is the smallest size (it seems they're working on developing an XS) so that was an easy decision.
Fast delivery - came in about 3-4 days.  You get 20 grips in the pack (4 extras). The cuffs were a little difficult to put on, as you can imagine.  Alfie is pretty agreeable to handling outside of some sensitivity to his R paw due to his neurologic issue, and it was a little of a struggle.  You get some lube with the package which is completely necessary to get those things on - have to grip the toe pretty firmly to pop the grip on, which I would guess might be quite difficult with dogs who are a little more foot-handling sensitive. Alfie and I got into a little rhythm after a while so I think the whole ordeal was around 20-30 minutes total. (we took a well deserved break after 2 paws.
Proper positioning of the grips (see the toegrips website for details) I think is a little difficult on small nails - I would guess if I had a larger footed dog moving the grip around would be a lot easier.  I've been making a concerted effort over the past couple of months to get Alfie's nails shorter and I think that might make things a little more challenging because there's not much curved real estate to get the grip just right.
How do they work?  It's not a huge dramatic difference (I think I'd have to glue vibram soles on his feet to see that), but there is a little improvement.  Still some slipping, but Alfie seems more willing to trot around on the hardwood floors.  Just did a toegrip count and it seems in 4 days we've lost one on the R front foot and 2 on the left.  Some of the ones on the back migrated too close to the toe so I repositioned them. I don't know if I'll continue to use them  - I think it will depend on how long the rest of them last.  I'll let you know how things go!

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