Please Help- cane corso wearing us down =(

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It's so ridiculous that you'd almost think I've never owned a pet, but I've had dogs and just about every other pet imaginable my whole life.  But here it goes:
In September I adopted a Cane Corso from a rescue. She's been very abused in her last home- but she was beautifully trained. For about a month before I brought her home I would go visit her regularly take her for long walks in the park and she was the most beautifully trained animal on earth. Then....she came home.... yikes. It's been a complete and total nightmare ever since. She is a dog who tracks and after the first few days she started pulling on the leash. We tried to nip it in the bud-one of her biggest fears was her leash when she was at the shelter. Our trainer had us shorten the leash to 2 ft. She kept trying to pull us down. She did some chewing (which is to be expected) but then she started marking- which is not acceptable. She started trying to dominate us. She keeps trying to tackle our kids(playfully but still inappropriate) and keeps running away (she's broken out of our fenced yard 3 times and she brings herself to the park. We now have her on a 100ft dog chain in the yard) But when chained in the yard although she has freedom to roam she refuses to go anywhere and instead just sits on the deck and howls even if your out there trying to play with her.
She has also snapped at my husband a few times. I am to the point where I feel like I must've ruined her. Our trainer she had had a definite shift in her personality about a week before we adopted her (she had kennel cough and eye surgery right before we got her). Could this have ruined her temperament? When she is with other people she is great. Even when we walk her if there are other people around she begins acting like the dog we fell in love with. but the second its just us- shes a friggin disaster again. We are very consistent with her. We reward good behavior. We are crate training. She has a very wide variety of toys (she needs to keep her mind busy or she gets destructive) we exercise her for a few hrs a day.- foot ball, soccer and Frisbee are her favorite games. But shes so challenging. Shes also started howling at night around 1 to 3 am. She wont go back to sleep. if you bring her out to potty she doesn't go and she just tried to go to the park. It's getting so old so fast.
Any suggestions?!?

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