Potty Training my 4 month old pup seems nearly impossible! HELP PLEASE!

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Hey everyone!
I brought home a 4 month year old pup this past Monday. She is a puggle named Riley. I am trying to potty train her to go outside, but at this rate, t it seems almost impossible!
Although this is my first puppy, I completely understand that it takes time and patience to teach a puppy how to go potty outside. What I didn't realize in this whole process is how much harder it is to re-train a pup from what shes already used to. That is, going potty in a crate whenever she wants. I am trying to break this habit immediately! First let me share with you guys what Riley IS good at.. I trained her in the 5 days i've had her how to go into her crate at night when it is bedtime. All i have to say is, "Riley, go in your crate," and she goes right in without a problem. She is also a great sleeper. The first few nights she cried a little and woke me up and i tried taking her outside to go potty. Now, she does not cry at all and she does not wake me up either. She is the best snuggle buddy ever and loves to play!
Ok.. here's the REAL issue.. I have been struggling to get her to actually ENJOY going outside. Obviously, if she does not like going outside, she won't go potty outside right? Well, here's what her daily schedule has been this past week. I feed her at 7:00am.. I take her outside from 7:30-8:00. She does not go potty outside. At 8:00am, she comes inside and plays for a little while. At 8:30am, I say goodbye and leave for work, and my boyfriend takes her for a long walk for about 45 min. Unsuccessful. She either pees/poops right after she comes in on the floor or eventually has an accident. We say NO to her and bring her directly outside to show her where she's supposed to go every time we see her have an accident. She is then in her crate for about 2 hours. My sister comes at lunch time and lets her out to play and takes her for a walk. No potty outside again. But at this point, she usually doesn't poop anymore since she did in the AM. She usually just pees on the floor when she comes inside. Then she goes back in her crate for another 2 hours when either I come home from work or my boyfriend. I take her right out when I get home at 5:30pm and again, nothing.. I feed her dinner at 6. I take her out a half hour later..nothing..
Tonight, I really dedicated my whole evening after work to bringing her outside every 20 min-1 hour. Fed her at 6, took her out at 6:30 (i see her sniffing around a lot so I know she has to go). Nothing again! This went on until about 10pm. When my boyfriend came home from work, he took her for a 45 min walk and she peed outside. He praised her of course. But no poop. After an hour nap, we're ready to try again. By 1am, she is literally BUGGING OUT and sprinting around the house. She definitely had to go poop. I took her out, and she peed again. I praised her and gave her a treat or 2. It is now 2:45am and she is peacefully sleeping on my boyfriend on the couch. She has not gone poop at all since this morning. Now I am really just getting concerned that a puppy her age is holding it in too much and that's most likely bad for her health. I have a vet appointment next week, but I just figured i'd see if anyone had any other tricks of the trade or if anyone else is experiencing this! 
Again, I know she's a puppy, and I know it takes time, but I just thought maybe you guys had more info that would help me with this process. I love Riley to death and have all the patience in the world for her!
Thanks in advance!

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