Whining in crate

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Do you think anyone will notice if I kill my dog? laugh
Oscar is driving us all nuts! Every single morning he wakes us up around 5am whining in his crate, not a single day goes by without him waking us. The only exception is that sometimes it's earlier angry This has only started since he broke his leg. I'm guessing that the lack of exercise is partly to blame so we're trying to cut him some slack but that's tough when you're tired from lack of sleep.
We're dealing with it by trying to ignore it but eventually we get up. As soon as he hears us coming down the stairs he shuts up with the noise. We often use the bathroom ourselves and make coffee before we even think of letting him out his crate and he stays quiet the whole time. Most mornings we don't put him back in his crate after he has gone to potty because it seems pointless if I have to get up in an hour for work. At the weekend though we often put him straight back in the crate and go upstairs where we just ignore his noise.
If we have to leave him unattended during the day he is also crated, this is new to him as we would normally leave him loose in the living room. We've asked our neighbors and they tell us that he stays quiet.
We really don't know what more we can do to deal with this. Oscar has another 4 weeks on crate rest until we go back to see his surgeon, after that we will have a schedule to build up his activity levels slowly. In the meantime I find myself dreaming of nights spent in hotels with just my husband, no dog waking us up and no cats sleeping on us and walking all over us in bed.

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