Annie 4/5/2005-3/2/2012--Update/Correction

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Annie crossed the bridge this morning

Rest well Baby Girl

There are not any words to describe how Robert and I feel right now.


3/3/2012--Sorry, had to fix her birth date.  I put the wrong dogs birth date, I feel like an idiot. :-(


Thanks everyone, Annie was such a sweet soul that even people who did not like dogs commented on her sweetness and could not help but like her.  She was always happy, always enthusiastic about everything and everyone, and until the very end gave all of herself to her people.  She gave me comfort in the very last seconds of her life and licked the tears from my face.  She is deeply missed and the house is too quiet.


Annie was on preventatives but that is still no guarantee.  If there is one thing I have learned in all of this it is to be very vigilant about making sure your companions are vaccinated and preventatives are used and you check them daily for anything out of the ordinary.  I feel so guilty that I did not do that and let her down.


Again, thank you, it helps to have a place you can go where people understand the grief and loss you feel for one of your fur kids.

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