Libby Cat 9/10/01-04/12/12

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Our dear little Libby Cat left us yesterday.  I found her under my bed, looking like she'd just fallen asleep.  Only she wasn't asleep.  She didn't have a mark on her and she was fine when I left for work in the morning.  At some point during the day, something major happened, and quickly.
Libby was an unusual cat, very social and people-loving.  Whenever we had company, even someone she'd never met, she'd come hang with them for awhile.  She had many friends.  When called, she would answer and then come.  On cold nights, like night before last, she would curl up on my lap and keep us both warm.  She always kept me company while I made dinner, hopping on the counter and talking to me.  The blankie I've been knitting for our first grandchild, who is due next week, will have many Libby hairs woven into it, I'm sure.
Good-bye, my sweetest girl -- we will think of you often and miss you all-ways...........

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