High Energy Standard Poodle Mouthing/Biting

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We're having a problem with our 10 week old female standard poodle biting at pant legs and nipping/biting clothing (and sometimes skin if she is really riled up - she's bitten me through my clothing and bruised/almost broken the skin twice since we've had her).

I've been trying to have a chew toy with me at all times so I can quickly replace the toy for my clothes when she does this and then praise her lots and give her a treat. This works sometmes but other times she is so hyperactive that this doesn't work and I have no idea what to do when she's nipping at my legs and playing tug of war with my clothing.

She's generally a well behaved puppy for her age - she goes into her crate without any problem and is housebroken already. But I'm at a loss as to how to handle her when I am unable to calm her down and she's a biting, jumping little devil! Help!

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