Normal behavior during heat cycle??

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and generally have a fairly good knowledge of our beloved furry extended family. I'll be the first to admit that I worry about my Annee more than I should - mostly because she came into our family after we lost a beautiful girl to Parvo. I'll also admit that I'm a little paranoid and I spend unnecessary time closely watching Annee's behavior because I never want to see a dog suffer and die that way again. But other than that, I'm generally a normal girl! She is now 18 months old and in her second heat cycle. It's hard to gauge what's normal for her since this is only the second one, and when I asked her vet, I got an "it's possible" reply. Does anyone else notice personality changes in their dogs during this time? Among other minor things, Annee gets lethargic, isn't her typical playful self, doesn't eat as much, and today she growled and warned me after her bath when I was drying off her hind legs. She fussed at me the other day as well when I got close to her "little girl thing". Is it possible something's bothering her or would this be considered normal behavior.

Thanks so much for your time!!

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