Help! Cedar rash

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I read that cedar (actually a juniper but known as Virginia Red Cedar) may cause a mild rash in some people.  Ha.  For the last couple of years, I've gotten a dermatitis from cedar that is worse that what I get from poison ivy, and it lasts twice as long.  I'm dealing with it on my arm now and have had it for over a week.  I garden, but I avoid the cedars in our yard, so I don't know how I got this on my forearm.  (Miss Maggie & Mr B, perhaps are the vectors?)
I've used calamine before - no help.  I'm using lanacane and it's a slight help but not much, and I've also used neosporin with pain relief and it helps a tiny bit, but nothing helps for very long.  Hydrocortisone creams haven't helped much in the past, nor has topical benadryl.  I'm pathetic. 
During & after hot yoga on Friday the rash subsided a bit and I hoped it was going away, but sadly, no.   I wake up at night scratching and I really try to ignore it during the day, but it's so hard.   I take Singulair to combat my respiratory allergy to the pollen, but it doesn't help the dermatitis. 
I'm desperate because every time I've gotten this it's lasted weeks and I've not found a good treatment.  When I last went to the dermatologist for poison ivy, he wanted to avoid steroids and I toughed it out, so I've not called yet to beg for mercy in case there's an over-the-counter solution.  I figure if anyone can help, it's one of you.  

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