"Pimple-like" bump on head? (updated with result)

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I was snuggling with Tai last night as we dozed off when I noticed a little bump on his head.
I took a good look at it this morning - best description is that it looks like a pimple (not red or pussy though), maybe a bit smaller than the end of a pen, and rather hard. It's on his forehead area.
It doesn't appear to bother him at all. I even put some light pressure on it to see if that was irritating, and he didn't even do a slight flinch.
Curious if anyone thinks this warrants an immediate vet visit, or if I should give it a few days? I've never seen this kind of thing before, but I don't want to overreact (I do that....). I felt him all over and this was the only one I could find.


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