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Hi everyone. I was a member here a long time ago, but haven't been around for a while. Now that I have a problem, I'm back. :roll:

I have a new Border Collie puppy, eight weeks old today, named Josh. He is wonderful in every way...except he can't seem to keep food in his stomach. He spits up after every meal, usually about 1-2 hours after eating. Sometimes it's very little, sometimes it looks like his whole meal. He always cleans it up promptly. He seems to feel absolutely fine, and is very happy and playful (and smart!). I've also noticed that when I pick him up with one hand under his belly, I can hear him make a burping, hiccuping sound. I try not to put any pressure on his stomach because of this.

I got him Sept. 8 and took him to my vet for a routine check-up the next day. Vet said he needed a day or two to settle down, that his stomach was just upset by leaving his breeder, a long car trip home, etc. That's what I thought, too, but he's still doing it, even though he is settling in very well otherwise. I'm feeding him Nutro for puppies (what the breeder was feeding), but plan to switch him to an adult food soon.

Anyone have any advice on this? I've never had any of the pups I've raised make a habit of vomiting before. I will take him back to the vet for shots in a few days anyway, but I'm a little concerned about this, and will take him sooner if it doesn't stop.

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