Sunshine - 1995? - 6/4/11

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Sunshine, one of my old girl rescue Schips has left us. She has had some heart problems, was at the vet yesterday and got some new meds, but I guess her heart was done. I left the house to go to my parents' house. She was standing there looking at me but didn't seem to be in distress. She'd been outside, had water, and was back in the AC. When I came back she was on her bed and was gone.

I got Sunshine and her buddy Shadow in 2008, I think, shortly after I lost my Alphie. Their original owner had died and they'd been taken to a shelter after the owner's family decided they didn't want her, adopted, lost that home, another home, to rescue... After they'd settled in and one adoption fell through, I decided they would stay here.

Sunny had the best patti cake and smile. She'd stand on her back legs and wave her front paws, especially if there was food involved. She was always excited over treats. She lorded over Shadow and about 4 days ago backed Shadow into a corner over food.

Rest in peace Sunny. I know you were loved greatly by your first home and now I trust you've joined her.

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