White nose and pads - am I worrying unecessarily?

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My first cat, Panda, died at just over a year old. She was sickly but the love of my 8 year old life. She was a black and white cat who looked just like Maxim but had black with blacker stripes on white where Maxim has orange with darker orange stripes on white. She had light, light pads and nose. They were almost white. Later I would be told that that was anemia and her pads and nose were so white because of insufficient red blood cells. (I forget who told me that.)

So, Maxim is a sweetheart just like Panda was. And, in truth, I think he *may* be sickly. He sleeps a lot. More than Mauricio ever did. And his pads are light, light light, just like his nose. I asked my vet and he said "No, no that doesn't matter, all that matters is the gums and his are fine". But I still worry. And if there is anything I could do to help him if he were sickly I would want the info to be able to do that.

Do you guys know of a correlation between light pads and nose and sickness?

(And I will have my vet do Fiv and Feline Leukemia tests. Are there any other tests you would suggest?)

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