Zydeco 1997-2011

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As I mentioned in a happier thread, we lost Zydeco last Friday. Tracking a problem over the course of the year turned from a dental to take care of some rotten teeth, to antibiotics to take care of the infection in the wake of the dental, to seeing on an x-ray recheck to answer the question of why he just wasn't getting better that behind it all was a bony tumor that was eating away at his face and had to have put him in horrible, horrible pain. We went from a routine afternoon to saying goodbye to him at the close of the vet office's day because, knowing, putting him through even one more day of it was just too much.

He was one of the brightest sparks that has ever been in my life, smart, fearless, fierce, and loyal. He was also a patient teacher of young things, kittens and puppies- he may have been willing to have a go at killing an adult animal ten times his size or at least making it believe he could, but he was always gentle with kittens and puppies no matter their size or well-meant offense.

He was with my in my transition from the last of childhood to adulthood, and was with me for every adventure since. He also put a stamp of approval on the man who would be my husband- when your misanthropic, bombastic cat suddenly likes a partner, that is apparently a very good sign.

He is intensely missed.

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