How to Help Hoarding Rescues

Poor dogs! 44 jammed into 3 small crates. :(

Recovery, for each, will be slow.

This footage, sadly, illustrates how such dogs need to be in snug contact with others to sleep. In a huge kennel, they puppy pile no matter what. Here is info from

3 Great Ways To Help Dogs with Arthritis

Dogs with arthritis benefit from good footing, fatty acids and a good orthopedic bed.Dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia need our help.  There are simple changes we can make to lessen their pain now and in the future. Here are 3 proactive and productive things you can do today:  

1) Prevent Slipping

Best Tool to Control Dog Shedding

Dogs shed.

Some dogs shed a lot.

Dogs who shed seasonally will be shedding soon.

The best tool to control dog shedding? The Furminator.

It is one of the best dog products and I don't just say that because the inventor is here in St. Louis, Mo.

Yes, pricey. Yes, worth it.




Dog Parks: Good or Bad?

Pet people tend to think of dog parks like this:

Fun, relaxing puppy playgrounds where their dogs get to play happily and peacefully with others.

Dog pros tend to think of dog parks like this:

Potential canine mosh pits of uncontrolled, out-of-control dogs heading toward disaster.

How can these views be so different? Because dog pros know more about canine body language and interaction than most pet people.

Crate Training: A Canine Life Skill

Crate training is an important life skill for dogs.Every dog of every age should know how to be crated calmly and easily.

Why? Because life happens and when it happens that is not the time to train your dog.

Times I have crated by dogs and been happy I could:

Predatory Aggression Toward Humans: Dogs that are NOT “Pets”


 Below is a video that is hard to watch. In it a child is walking down the street then a dog races across the street to attack her. This is, without question, predatory aggression directed at a child.

ANY dog, regardless of breed, that exhibits predatory aggression directed toward a human - of any age - is not a pet, is not safe and cannot be made adequately safe.

Stop! You’re In a Correction Cycle

Dogs training & puppy training should make things better quickly.

You come home. 

Practicing Failure: Not Succeeding? Blame the Methods Before Your Puppy (or You)

How to train your puppy? Use My Smart Puppy methods every time!I watched people fail with their pups for as long as I could stand it.

Reward Your Dog on a Payscale

You set your alarm early, hurry through your morning coffee, and get to work at your new job a couple of minutes early, where you put in a full day with fe

Walking Young Puppies: What to Expect

While walking a 12-week-old Labrador around a local town park this morning, we w

Smart Training: How to Turn a Problem into a Trick

Mac's person had a problem. Mac steals shoes. Her shoes. Well, not exactly "steals" more like coveted. Mac is a sensitive guy who likes to curl up in tight places such behind furniture. In lieu of a framed photo of his favorite human he takes along a shoe or two of hers.

You can see the problem. His human can often only find one of her shoes (or none of them) and they are inevitably lodged in hard to reach places. 

What to do?



This exact toy is still in use 2.5 years later. I feed her from it a few times a week. Big hit in our household!

Score: 4 out of 4

My criteria:

  1. Must be easy to load up. This is.

  2. Must to easy to clean up. This is.

  3. Must last. Heck yes!

Great Holiday Gifts for Dogs - For Every Budget w/ Product Links

Morieka Johnson ( and I did a Google+Hangout on 

Great Holiday Gifts for Dogs - For Every Budget


Sarah's Picks

IQ Treatball 

3 Grain-Free Training Treats for Under $10

Great treats for any dog but especially for food sensitive, itchy dogs; tiny toys and overweight dogs who need tiny treats that can be broken up into smaller pieces and any other dog in training. I'm a big fan of the soft, breakable treat. With these I can match the reward to to deed quickly and easily.  Enjoy!

December 2012: Add TREATME at check out and get 20% off.


3 Foods Do Not Dare to Share with Your Dog This Thanksgiving

Hard to resist a begging dog. Give safe treats for the holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. A day of friends and family joining together to enjoy each other. And a feast. Our dogs are a part of this day.

Disobedient Dogs: One Way We Teach Dogs to Ignore Us

Adorable beagle puppy will be disobedient if we teach her to be disobedient.I’m chatting with a young woman who has called me because her previously obedient puppy has been getting less and less responsive to her recently. He used to come to her consistently, now he takes his time. His sit is more random and only after he knows a treat is present. This is a familiar story.

Your Dog’s Crate: A Lifelong Haven

Crate training helps all age dogs. Wise words from Guest Blogger, Pro Trainer, Forum Moderator and Good Friend, Melissa Fischer of

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