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Hi, my name is Daniella Cranfield, and I live in Scotland. We used to live in Jersey in the Channel Islands. I am married to Matt and have 2 daughters. I also have a black domestic short-haired cat called Pickles and a grey and white Siberian Husky called Luna. We are an animal-loving family.

Pre Covid I ran a dog walking service in Jersey in the Channel Islands, post-Covid our family moved to Scotland and I have had to slow down a bit.

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Living with animals

As well as being a wife and a mother, I ran my own dog walking business called Paws R Pals when I lived in Jersey. This really taught me so much about the animals that I was with and how my emotions and actions can impact them. Being around animals teaches you to be mindful, present, and aware of your actions and the environment.

I think that it’s important to really enjoy what you do, especially with animals as they can pick up on your mood and the type of person you are. They know if you want to be in their company. During the school holidays my daughters like to come with me, they really enjoy being with the animals.

My walks are different every day, it’s very much dependent on what Luna wants to do. Sometimes we can cover large distances because she wants to run and explore. On other days we hardly cover any distance as she happily sniffs around and explores.

Enrichment is my motto. The walks should be enriching for dogs, something that they enjoy, not just physical exertion. I like to allow them to sniff and explore to their heart’s content if that’s what they are in the mood to do.

Positive reinforcement is also a priority for me. I want my animals to trust me and enjoy being with me. I do not advocate aversion training methods or tools.

My articles are for information only. If you have any concerns about your pet, please see your vet. Your vet is the best person to help your pet and will be able to treat them or recommend a local behaviorist if your pet needs help.

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